“It´s lonely at the top”: The greater your responsibility as a decision-maker, the less frequently will there be a serious exchange with adequate dialogue partners. Experience has shown that the opportunity to reflect – from time to time and on an equal footing – on those questions that, ultimately, will determine your personal success and the success of your organisation, can be a great relief. What you need from your counterpart are trust and experience, competence and empathy.

As a sparring partner with many decades of experience in industry and management, I will accompany you on your journey, at the frequency that best suits you: Whether it is strategic course setting, success-critical personnel decisions, far-reaching expansion or innovation steps – there are many crossroads where an unbiased outside perspective and a discussion that is not burdened by internal politics can be extremely helpful in the decision-making process. This is exactly what I am here for – with my know-how, my contacts and my entire management and life experience.