Make a difference. Shape. Experience and empower development.

Gravitas aspires to do just that – both for clients and for consulting organisations. Essentially, Gravitas specialises in accompanying executives on the journey to accomplishing their careers. We do this with the goal of leveraging the maximum possible personal and professional effectiveness. Globally and locally, externally and internally, cognitively and materially.

My decade-long expertise at C-level as well as a tried-and-tested set of values have enabled me to what I can be today: consultant, sparring partner and enabler for successful people who aspire to accomplish one or more next steps.

The work with my clients is based on trust, honesty and exploration. We walk together – always with respect and on an equal footing – and, in doing so, we tread both proven and completely new paths. It is this process, often spanning over several years, that inspires and empowers self-critical decision-makers: in their mind, in their career and, eventually, in the impact they make.