GRAVITAS Talk with Dr. Michael Fassnauer, Founder & CEO UBIMET, to the topic „Weather & Business – How Weather becomes a Game Changer“.

In 2004 the chemist Dr. Michael Fassnauer and the meteorologist Mag. Manfred Spatzierer founded in Vienna the privatly owned and now-international weather service UBIMET with the ambition to deliver the best possible analyses and forecasts.
15 years later the company have invited decision makers to a Gravitas Talk into the 10th floor of the ARES-Tower.

UBIMET stands for an ubiquitous meteorology, that means for a high-precision meteorology everywhere and every time. They transform here through AI-technology daily 90TB data to high-precision weather informations as basis for decisions to provide more safety and efficiency.
The CEO of the leading international weather service provider demonstrated, which significant status weather has, as Game Changer, in the age of digital transformation of today in the sectors of mobility (Train, Aviation, Road), trade, agriculture and insurance.