Strategically well grounded networking, clever positioning of the company and of its CEO provides corporations a successful collaboration with all their stakeholders and ensures them a crises resilient growth.This is not easy and requires from the CEO and from the Heads of Public Affairs a harmonious, trustful cooperation and a high level of diplomatic finesse.

Keeping in view this, a fireside chat take place in the Academy of Diplomacy in Vienna Juni the 24th.
Following the impressing keynote from the doyen of the Austrian Diplomacy, Ambassador Dr. Emil Brix, leading Experts and Decision-makers provided inspiring insights in their world of the art of negotiations and of conflict management.
Ambassador Elisabeth Ellison-Kramer, Claus J. Raidl (fmr. President of Austrian National Bank), Radovan Jelasity (fmr. President National Bank of Serbia, CEO Erste Bank Hungary), Kristine Knezevic (CEO XING Austria) and the Public Affairs Experts Bettina Resl (Sanofi), Maria Kollmann (AVL List), Franz Benedikt Zöchbauer (Verbund).