With the title „Energie and (e)Mobility“ a „Fireplace Chat“ took place with DI Anzengruber, CEO Verbund AG and Dr. Fischer, CEO Smatrics in the TUtheSky Sky Lounge of the University of Technology on November 13th.

After a Welcome Speech of the Rector Prof. Dr. Sabine Seidler, Mr. DI Anzengruber presented in he’s keynote speech the challenges of the local and international energy sector. He offered a very interesting insight in the strategical discussions about utilization of renewable energy sources and about modern technical solutions to store and reallocate energy.

Dr. Fischer let all participants delve into the fascinating world of E-Mobility and convinced the audience based on best practices that E-Vehicles offer more comfort and possibilities into mobility.

Afterwards C-level Managers of Corporations from diverse Sectors of the Economy and Scientists discussed on the importance of ongoing development of the technical solutions for efficient usage of energy and e-mobility we already have + the necessity of adequate adaptation of current legal regulations.