Gravitas Talk with Dr. Arno Lippert, Chief Executive Office Schlumberger AG the topic „3 Theses about Schlumberger”

With the titel „3 Theses about Schlumberger“ a “Fireplace Chat“ took place with Dr. Arno Lippert, CEO of Schlumberger AG, in the historical cellars in Vienna, November 12th.

In the very special & historical cellar Dr. Lippert presented the 3 most important segments of the Schlumberger-Strategy.

After a welcome speech from Karoly Pataki, CEO of Gravitas, Mr. Lippert gave an overview about the main challenges and specialities of the beverage industry in Europe & Austria.
Schlumberger define themself as ambassador of „liquid pleasures“ for high demands. And this is valid for all of its products, like sparkling vine, vine, liquors, bears & non-alcoholic beverages.
The strong link between tradition & innovation guarantee since 175 years a very high reputation on the international beverage and food markets. Schlumberger´s tireless innovation spirit secure the very stable future for the company.

Afterwards a renowned sommelier introduced the invited guests into the mysteries of the production of sparkling vines and into the technique of „sabering“.