Expert Panel

The experts from Gravitas are C-level manager, entrepreneurs and investors who are active in diverse industries and sectors, who use their years of international experience and extensive industry knowledge to help you integrate and embed yourself into your new working environment and networks.

In a practical manner, they convey to you the necessary industry-specific knowledge and practices, and help you avoid typical pitfalls and navigate through your new environment “unerringly”.

Our experts also function as testers and multipliers for the development of new business models and are catalysts for our company motto, “Connecting People & Ideas”.

Gravitas Experts come from the following sectors:

  • Banking and Insurance
  • Energy, Environment and Circular Economy
  • Industry and Infrastructure
  • Trade, Transport and Logistic
  • Telecommunication and Media

  • Pharma and Life Science
  • Research and Development
  • Trade Union and Social Partnership
  • Human Resources
  • Public Private Projects (PPP)
  • Private Equity and M&A
  • International Organisations