werte-swAll our actions and decisions are based on values to which we feel obliged as a company. We strive to establish a long-term partnership with our clients based on these core values.

Customer Focus

As a client of Gravitas, you not only receive know-how and feedback from internationally recognised experts from business, culture and science, but our help and access to the Gravitas network: your success is our mission. Our task is to develop bespoke solutions and strategies that pave the way for you to develop efficient and interdisciplinary business relationships.

Commitment to Implementation

We accompany you on your path: once we have determined your destination and the route you are going to take to reach it in cooperation with you, we contact target groups, specific networks and key influencers and accompany you until your new networking skills are a fully-fledged part of your personality and you are completely integrated into your target network.

This one hundred percent commitment sets us apart from all our competitors. We do not palm you off with a ready-made concept, but act as competent partner you can trust, who is the guide to your success.


We are constantly developing and improving our methods so that you can develop and completely exploit your full personal potential and professional opportunities.

In accordance with our philosophy of “Connecting People & Ideas”, we collaborate with passionate and visionary scientists and experts from various fields to develop new perspectives and efficient implementation concepts on your behalf.


While our experts and professionals represent the best in their respective industries in both professional, ethical and moral terms, our Advisory Council safeguards the consistently high quality of our service and the unconditional compliance with our values.


Our reputation grows with each of our clients: we can only be successful if our clients succeed in establishing themselves permanently and secure against crisis in their target environment, thus safeguarding the basis for lasting success. This is the reason why we design a reputation-building programme in a trusting 1:1 support environment, which we then put into action on a systematic basis in cooperation with you. In this manner, we take you to exactly where you or your organisation wants you to go.


We stand for absolute discretion and loyalty towards our clients. In a manner that our company name reflects, we handle all information entrusted to us with the utmost extreme care and strict confidentiality. Each of the activities we undertake must serve both our clients and the good of society and the environment, and follow strict compliance guidelines.


We help you in striving towards lofty goals! Our unique combination of industry expertise and practical experience allows us to create lasting international business relationships on your behalf. Your quest is to strive towards lofty goals – Ours is to accompany you on the way, smooth the path and provide mitigating aids wherever and whenever you need them.

Our offer of cooperation is your guide to the future. Gravitas combines the highest aspirations for the service we provide with optimum results in your interest.