Gravitas Talk

The “Gravitas Talk” series of events is both a classical fireside gathering as well as an exchange of ideas and a networking tool.

Each “Gravitas Talk” focuses on the presentations of cross-sector business models and showcasing ground-breaking innovations. Best practice examples are openly discussed in a group of selected decision makers from industrial and service companies, as well as representatives from research institutions and research facilities.

Our goal is …

1. to make pioneering innovations already tested in practice known across disciplines
2. to facilitate access to international markets for innovative ideas and to make the way to acquiring capital easier
3. to actively promote the scaling of innovative business models
4. to initiate and promote long-term strategic partnerships between innovative growth companies and established large enterprises as well as investors

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Innovation in a Commodity Environment

September 24th, 2019|Comments Off on Innovation in a Commodity Environment

Michael Schernthaner, CEO Schur Flexibles Holding, provided high level managers his experiences and insights to the topic „Innovation in a Commodity [...]