Networks rule our world. In society as well as in the economy. It is important to understand the complexity and finesses of these networks and to utilise them strategically. It is not about size but quality and heterogeneity of a network – and what role YOU play within these networks.

You can only act successfully, tap new business fields, realise ideas and utilise synergy effects, when you know the trends and push the right buttons to act smart and strong.

Gravitas helps you define the strategically relevant networks and environment for you. It is about analysing and mapping their internal structure, depth and the rules of the game. Our method is based on the Network Mapping Model of the Harvard professor Barabasi, a pioneer in the field of network research.

Once we have developed your aim and your roadmap together, we will establish contact with the target groups, specific networks and decisive influencers. The objective is to building up your reputation gradually and in a targeted way. We will be at your side until you are fully integrated in the target network.

We offer a partnership to you on your road to success:

Target Network Mapping | Networking Strategy | Implementation Concept | Reputation Building & Positioning

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