Stakeholder Management & Engagement

Aligning businesses in a way that is viable for the future is based on the constructive exchange between executives and stakeholders. This exchange paves the way for realising your visions – and it can lead to valuable alliances.

The definition of stakeholders includes many different interest groups: some of which are inside of a company (employees, executives, supervisory boards, works councils and shareholders), but also external groups (customers, suppliers, creditors, the state and media). A close involvement of one’s own stakeholders and the systematic dialogue with them is more important than ever. For companies and their executives: this is a long-term criterion of success.

We help you to identify the key stakeholders and evaluate their relevance in terms of your strategy. We develop a communications plan together with you, so that you manage a dialogue successfully with your stakeholders and get them on board for your projects.

Different stakeholders have different interests. They watch very closely what you plan and how you act. If you do not familiarise with their perspectives and interests in detail, this will harbour substantial risks. We help you to uncover this risks and prevent any crisis or conflict.

Leading also means: moderating interests intelligently. We show you how that is done:

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