A managerial role is always a special challenge. For both the managers as well as their organisations. Not only your colleagues and reports, but also shareholders, supervisory board and works council members take you under close scrutiny. Your first decisions are awaited and tracked with a great amount of attention.

The first impression counts here as well. In the critical first 100 days, managers must set the course for the future.

To avoid stumbling blocks and set the basis for successful work, you should obtain an overview of the interests and needs of the external and internal interest groups quickly (stakeholders).

What you need to know too: In every organisation, there are also unofficial networks and “influencers” who tend to act in the background. A new executive should therefore familiarise also with their influence and mode of functioning. With the Org Mapper Influence System developed to resolve this problem, we help you find the “hidden influencers” in your organisation rapidly, so that you can implement your decisions without complications and in a short span of time.

We help you as a sparring partner with the following services to successfully overcome the hurdles of the first 100 days:

Stakeholder Identification & Analysis | Stakeholder & Organisation Mapping | Positioning & Communication Plan | Alliance & Partnership strategies | Risk & Conflict Management

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