Innovation Management

Successful managers and companies are characterised by their ability to adapt to the constantly changing environment; frequently, they even actively drive change. Only when they overcome their fixation on existing solutions, technologies and business models do they create the basis for radically new schools of thought and paths.

In accordance with our philosophy “Connecting People & Ideas”, we implement individually designed networking strategies together with you. We provide you with the necessary skills and help you to make long-term contacts in order to successfully implement your ideas in business life.

Innovation Strategy: Development & Implementation

Situation Analysis | Needs Analysis | Resources & Values Analysis | Innovation Culture Building
Together, we find your answers to the why, what and how.

Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing

Initiator Identification | Design Thinking | Crowdsourcing & Collaborative Filtering
We transcend boundaries with you to procure access for you to the wisdom of many.

Development of Innovation Networks

Influencer Mapping | Whitespace Mapping | Network Design
We discreetly build bridges for you into a new, innovative environment. We offer you access to our global network and establish attractive contacts specifically tailored to your requirements. We are your innovation brokers.

Experts & Expertise Search

Expert Landscape Mapping | Analogous Market Analysis | Lead User Method
Finding the right experts is often like looking for a needle in a haystack. We go in search of them for you and offer you the best.

Gravitas Talk

The exclusive forum for cross-sector business models and pioneering innovations.

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